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Sofia Wells cast as young Clary for Shadowhunters

Sofia Wells

Welcome to Shadowhunters Set Day 1! It’s amazing how time has flown, and we are embarking on an AMAZING next few months of production stills, behind the scenes photos, tweets from the cast and crew … and lots and lots of fangirling and fanboying!

Today’s big news thus far is that our super sleuth Shadowhunter friends have uncovered that Sofia Wells will be portraying young Clary in Shadowhunters! 

According to her IMDb account, by the time she was 7, Sofia Wells had already performed for thousands of people with the folk/roots family-band Lazybones; appeared in the music video for “Sleepy Tune”; and interviewed both Katy Perry and Billy Crystal on National Television. As an actress she has worked on 2 Guillermo Del Toro projects and will make her small and big screen debut in “The Strain” and “Crimson Peak”.

Let’s congratulate Sofia on this big role! We look forward to seeing her in action as our little Clary!