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PHOTOS + VIDEOS: ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Cast at the Mexican Premiere!


Godfrey Gao, Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers hit up the red carpet for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones premiere in Mexico City (August 27)!

Lily and Jamie were interviewed on the red carpet, check it out:

More photos from the premiere below!

PHOTOS + VIDEO: ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Photocall in Mexico City!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones cast—Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, Kevin Zegers and Godfrey Gao have arrived in Mexico City for the final premiere and yesterday (August 26) they had their press conference.

The video below is from their photocall (hint: Kevin smacks Jamie’s behind!)

Check out the photos below also from their photocall:

EXCLUSIVE: Godfrey Gao talks boxers, teasing Kevin Zegers and the Magnificient Magnus Bane

Godfrey Gao, right, with co-star Robert Sheehan at the LA premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.
PHOTO: Amber Pruitt/TMI Institute

Magnus Bane walks into a room and sits down by you. What do you say? How do you react? What questions would you have? After seeing The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, I sat down with other TMI super bloggers, Katie from Mundie Moms, Kristen from TMI Movie News and Erin from Fangirlish, to interview the actor portraying the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Godfrey Gao. 

Katie, Mundie Moms: You walking around in your little boxers, and the whole Magnus Party scene, how was that?

Godfrey: When I went to the first day on set, I had to do a fitting right? So they were like “So we’re going to have you wearing this nice purple velvet blazer” and I was like ok, cool. And then, “I’ll give you this nice dress shirt to go with it, it kind of matches and some necklace and accessories”, ok, cool, I’m liking the sound of that. And then, I looked over to the right and there’s a rack of boxers [he laughs] and underwear, and I was like “So, what’s that?” and they said “uh, yeah, those are the bottoms that you’re gonna to wear for the scene”. I was like ok. There were some boxers with hearts on it and there were some with…I don’t know, it was pretty crazy. But there was a rack of boxers and then she was like just pick the one you like. I was like, mmm how about none of those? And then the director came in and was like “those boxers kind of look too much like an outfit. It’s like boxers with the blazer and everything else, with the dress shoes, it just looks like an outfit. I want something more shocking, ya know? When people see the scene they go ‘Oh, he’s not wearing any pants.” And then Harald said “So, um, Godfrey, what are you wearing today? I was like uh, just some briefs. They were really tight too, I was like uuuh some grey briefs. Then Harald was just like, “Why don’t you put that on. I want to see it”. [He laughs again]. This is like the first day for me in the studio and I had to be in front of like maybe 10 people; producers, and Harald, and ya know the wardrobe people. I was like here it is…here’s my grey boxers. Harald’s like “Yep! That’s the one! Let’s use that one!” And I was like are you serious? And then I remember I had to go to the Producer’s that were shooting on set so I had these tear-aways on and went over there and they were like ‘oh, ok, sure. Whatever you say Harald. It looks good’. And then we just ended up using that. That was my first scene for Magnus Bane, it was pretty crazy.

Amber, The Mortal Institute: Fans feel that you are one of the overall most beloved and important characters in the Shadowhunter world. What have you thought about the fan reaction to you being Magnus? How excited are you going forward with this franchise?

Godfrey: I’m very excited. Very excited. I’m very overwhelmed by how many followers and supporters there are for this movie and for my character Magnus. I’ve really got to thank the fans and the people that support this whole series and this movie. I’m really excited just for this movie and future movies to come. I’m happy that everything is right where it needs to be right now. It’s crazy because the movie hasn’t even come out yet and there’s so many people ya know, talking about this and they can’t wait for the movie to come out. So I’m just enjoying work and I’m enjoying my first time in Hollywood and to be a part of all of this. I’m very honored to be a part of this project. Hopefully I can be in it for the long run.

Kristen, TMI Movie News: Are you prepared to come back for the ‘Infernal Devices’?

Godfrey: Yeah, I hope so. Yes!

Kristen, TMI Movie News: Are you prepared for glitter in the mail?

Godfrey: Yes, I’m definitely prepared for that because it was actually pretty fun for me. I’ve never done anything like that, with my outfits. Just taking the time and detail to put all of that stuff on. The glitter, and eyeliner, eye-shadow and the nail polish. It was fun.

Kristen, TMI Movie News: Did you wear it around Toronto, on accident maybe?

Godfrey: Yeah, after the first day on set. I had all this stuff on and then after the shoot I was going to go back to the hotel and I was like ‘Uh, should I just take these off, just in case the hotel lobby would be scared?’ [laughs]. Ya know, if I came in like that.   But yeah, I took them off every time I was finished working just…I probably couldn’t sleep in those. I enjoyed it, and it was fun. I can’t wait to be Magnus again. To put that stuff back on.

Kristen, TMI Movie News: What’s your favorite characteristic of Magnus? What do you like most about him?

Godfrey: He’s a flamboyant guy. He’s like none of the other characters in the series. Obviously he throws parties. It’s just something different that I haven’t actually become something like this before in my acting career. So it’s fun, he’s a very fun character and I just enjoy his whole outfit and his presence. The way he acts in those parties and he’s a heavy drinker maybe? Or, he’s a party animal. I love that about him. And especially his outfits. They’re pretty cool. Especially the warlock outfit. It’s cool too.

Erin, Fangirlish: Are you hoping to wear pants though?

Godfrey: Hopefully. Hopefully they’ll have some pants for me this time. Actually I can say the warlock outfit was something, like for me was pretty cool because the whole um, the hat that goes over it. Kind of like a, how do you call that, a corset, like black leather corset wrapped around it. It goes all the way to my feet. I felt like a warlock, ya know. Just walking around, it was pretty cool. Hopefully I can borrow that for Halloween. [laughs]

Amber,The Mortal Institute: What about the vulnerability you showed when caring for Alec? How did you get into that frame of mind that I really like this guy?

Godfrey: I guess I had to imagine. Um, I think it was fun for me, actually just to tease Kevin. He’s a pretty shy guy. But it was fun. I just imagined him like the most incredible woman in my life. [laughs] I was like hey, Kevin and I’d give him a wink. And he was like ‘Uhhhh’ [laughs again] Ok, so that’s enough of that. But it’s fun ya know? He does a pretty good job too, as being shy and like ‘is he looking at me?’. So, I enjoyed that.

Kristen, TMI Movie News:You do a good job of being the “keeper of the secrets” in City of Bones. Do you think we’ll see more from you in City of Ashes?

Godfrey: Yeah. There’s definitely more in the ‘City of Ashes’ and ‘City of Glass’. So, ya know, hopefully I can be a part of it.

Katie, Mundie Moms: Have you read further in the series? Have you read City of Ashes?

Godfrey: Yeah, I’ve read City of Ashes and I’m just looking at it over and over just waiting for the script.

Katie, Mundie Moms: I like the scene with Lily where we get to see her discover that you’re the one that buys her mom’s paintings. A more personal side to your character, that he cares.

Godfrey: I like the scene with Lily actually because it talks about what had happened, more on a personal level too with Lily’s character. It’s kind of like helping her out in an emotional way. I think it’s great, ya know, you get that personal level between the two characters and what their history was and why they’re doing it. And ya know, it develops into a good relationship in the whole series.

NEW INTERVIEW: ‘Mortal Instruments’ star Godfrey Gao on his character Magnus Bane and more

Godfrey Gao is making his English-speaking film debut this week as he takes on the role of Magnus Banes in the big-screen adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.
This is the first of The Mortal Instrument series to be adapted for the big screen, and Harold Zwart is in the director’s chair.
We caught up with Godfrey to chat about the movie, his role and what lies ahead.
– You are going to be back on the big screen this summer with The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones so can you tell me a bit about the film?
It is my first English project. The Mortal Instruments is based on a series of novels by Cassandra Clare; it has been a New York Times bestseller so it is pretty popular. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is the first book in the series to be adapted for the big screen.
It was an exciting project for me as it was my first English feature, and I had never really worked on a Hollywood production before. It was fun to work with a Hollywood production, director and actors. I was really glad that I got the part.
– This is the biggest role of your career to date so how did you find stepping into such a huge project?
I think it was pure luck. Like anybody else that has been cast for the film I went through a casting process – actually I was still filming in Shanghai at that time.
So I was going through Skype interviews and taping and everything that comes with the casting process. I had never really put myself on tape before, and I found that odd because you are just talking to a camera or your iPhone.
It was fun, and it was an experience that I appreciated because it got me the part. It was interesting to see how they cast people like that. I was flattered that they chose me.
– You take on the role of Magnus Bane in the film so what was it about this character and Jessica Postigo’s script that drew you to this project?
When I first heard about the character, I wasn’t really sure as I wasn’t familiar with the story and the book. When I got to know more about the character and the story, it was really exciting as I have never played a character like this before.
It was something out there and something that I really want to try. It was fun for me because it was about using your own imagination. He is described as a flamboyant, higher warlock of Brooklyn, and so it was something that you would imagine in your dreams or in a fictional novel.
It was definitely a challenge as the role was part rock star part animal. During the filming process, it was fun and cool, and director Harald Zwart was amazing in the way that he described what I should be like or what I should sound like. It was just a fun experience overall for me.
– Can you tell me a bit about the character of Magnus and how we are going to see him develop throughout the film?
Magnus Bane is a high end Brooklyn’s warlock that never ages and never dies; he is immortal. He is a party animal; he goes to a lot of parties and hosts a lot of parties with vampires, demons and werewolves. I suppose he is an underground party guy.
The City of Bones is really an introduction to him and The Mortal Instruments. Magnus is a bi-sexual warlock, and so he dates men and women (laughs). He is a fun character who spices things up in the story.
– Speaking of the books they have such a loyal fan base so how nerve wracking it is taking on a project that you know is so well loved?
It is quite nerve-wracking and quite stressful. As a fan favourite character you are trying to bring out the real life on the big screen.
It is always the challenging part, but it is always fun to see the reactions of the fans when I was cast for this role. They enjoyed it, I guess. They liked me and my look and so hopefully I can fulfil their needs on the big screen.
– Harald Zwart is in the director’s chair for the film so how did you find working with him? And what kind of director is he?
He is a very kind and very sweet director to me and to everybody. I guess he is like a fatherly figure as he sits down with you one on one and talks to you about the character and want you can do on set.
He gives a lot of pointers; he lets you do your thing, and then he gives little pointers here and there. I thought he was very sweet. He is very focused on the film, and he has a lot of ideas about dialogue and the movie overall.
He has put a lot of time into this movie, and he is very creative. I just love working with him, and it was very easy and natural for me to communicate with him on set.
– Was there a rehearsal period before you started shooting?
There was a quick rehearsal for all the scenes; I think that is the normal procedure prior to filming. It was cool to rehearse; I really needed to rehearse because it was my first film in English.
I also had to play alongside Lily Collins, which was an honour. It was really nice to meet with her first and talk about the dialogue before we went to shoot on set. I enjoyed working with Lily as she was very sweet.
– A great cast has been assembled such as Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower so what was the feeling like on the set?
For my scenes, I met Lily, Jamie, Kevin (Durand) and Jemima (West) and it was very sweet to be able to work with them because it felt like… It was different to filming in Asia because we were all speaking English, for one.
But we were around the same age, and we were all hanging around on set. So it put me at ease as I didn’t feel a lot of pressure like when I was filming in Asia; there are more famous or grown actors and actresses in China.
When I am working with them, I am always uptight but when I was working with this crew, it felt like I was just hanging out and having a good time.
– You have mentioned a couple of times that this is your English-speaking debut so how have you found stepping into this movie world?
It felt very natural for me. I grew up in Vancouver and so English was my first priority. So when I was on set I felt like I was at ease because everyone was speaking English.
I didn’t have any screw-ups with my dialogue – I was pretty impressed with that. I thought my English was very good, and so I was quite surprised with myself.
– Finally, what is next for you? Now that you have had a taste of Hollywood is this where you want to stay?
Yeah definitely. I would like to come across with new projects and more action films. Hopefully, I can cross over into Hollywood and hopefully that will bring me a bigger name in China.
Right now, I think a lot of Hollywood productions are aiming for the Chinese market as well so I think it is a great time for me to cross over. It is a great time right now, and I am just glad to be on this journey.
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits theaters on August 21st!

Interview was found at FEMALE FIRST