Shadowhunters Weekly Roundup: August 31 to September 6!

Happy Labour Day Shadowhunters! Hope you are enjoying your day off before work and school starts!

To fill your time during the day off check out our Weekly Roundup! So let’s begin!

August 31

Stephanie Bennett (as Lydia) catching up on some Shadowhunters lingo!

stephanie bennett

September 1

The amount of work that the cast and crew are putting into the show (e.g. like the stunts training) deserves a round of applause *clapping*.

stunt training
Dominic Sherwood (as Jace) and Katherine McNamara (as Clary) practising some stunts.

Congrats to Kat! She was included in this year’s Variety Youth Impact Report!


Last Wednesday another Twitter chat was held and Isaiah Mustafa (as Luke) was behind it all! To see more of his tweets click here.



They finished filming episode 9 last week!


Emeraude Toubia (as Isabelle) tweeted this picture of herself in shadowhunter gear!


Hollie Overton (writer) met Katherine McNamara during her set visit.


September 2

Check out this short clip from rehearsals! Go get ’em Jace! 


September 3

“Early morning workout getting ready for the ‘Runes scene’…” Hmm… wonder what’s going to happen in that scene.  dom workout

Gotta love how fan oriented the writers are. They have the winners from Shadowhunters Fanart Friday hanging in their writing room.

//  Kat shared this throwback photo!


September 4

Shadowhunters TV revealed that Mimi Kuzyk will play the role as Imogen Herondale, the Inquisitor of the Clave.


Matthew Daddario (as Alec) and his girlfriend, Esther, relaxing at their trailer.

matt and his gf

Stephanie and Jade Hassoune (as Meliorn) took a selfie at the set!

stephanie and jade

September 5

Did you guys watch the video Shadowhunters TV posted on World Wildlife Day? Panda-ing sound familiar? You must watch it, Dom and Alberto Rosende (as Simon) are hilarious! Click here for video.

alberto and dom

September 6

The cast enjoying the long weekend!

alberto and amanda
Alberto and his girlfriend Amanda.


We hope you guys also have a wonderful long weekend! Come back next week for another Weekly Roundup!

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