Shadowhunters Weekly Roundup: August 10 to 16!

Last week was filled with so many feels because of the exclusive clips McG tweeted from the editing room as well as the set photos from the cast and crew and much more!

So let’s take a look at Shadowhunters Weekly Roundup #12!  

August 10

McG (Executive Producer/Director) shared this short clip of Simon (Alberto Rosende) + Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) = SIZZY! The feels! Who agrees that Alberto and Emeraude are perfect as SIZZY?

Cassandra Clare (best-selling author of The Mortal Instruments series) “talking trash with Matthew Daddario (as Alec)”. Katherine McNamara (as Clary) covers the August/September edition of Cliché Magazine, to see the full spread click here. Cliche Mag-Kat

It looks like one serious scene, so many police cars!

August 11

simon's van
Photo Credit: Peter Binswanger

Is it a plant? A demon creature? Guess we’ll have to wait and see 😉

set prop
Photo Credit: Peter Binswanger

They began filming episode 8.

episode 8

Isaiah Mustafa (as Luke) practising some stunts.

Ouchie! Looks like Luke is getting roughed up. isaiah 2 Finally a photo of The Lightwood family on the set.

The Lightwoods
Paulino Nunes (as Robert), Emeraude, Jack Fulton (as Max), and Matthew.


August 12 Michael Reisz (Executive Producer) tweeted this eerie photo…. Hmmmm…. a demon? demon Izzy’s pendant is lighting up! Uh-oh a demon is close by! emeraude-izzy's pendant Family that slays together, stays together.

emeraude, robert, nicola
Emeraude, Paulino, and Nicola Correia Damude (as Maryse)


Jack and Emeraude
Jack Fulton (as Max) and Emeraude Toubia.


August 13 The little details really matter! Check out the amazing set designs.

set design
Photo Credit: Rian McNamara

Jon Cor (as Hodge) carrying some awesome shadowhunter weapons! jon cor Isaiah Mustafa completes an interview on the set of Shadowhunters. For more behind the scenes pictures with Isaiah, click here. isaiah Simon is being a dummy. Simon dummy Dom`s inner Jace is showing! Dom and Kat THE FEELS! McG shared another clip from the editing room, this time it`s Malec turn. You can totally feel the chemistry!


August 14 Cassandra Clare shared this photo of Clary in the City of Bones. wrote an interesting article of Fantasy based TV shows and Shadowhunters was included in the post!

Clary-kat and the silent brothers
Katherine McNamara (as Clary) and several Silent Brothers

First glimpse of Shadowhunters merchandise at #D23Expo! shadowhunters pins Shadowhunters TV shared some exclusive photos and videos from the making of the show. You must check it out!

Dom and alberto
Alberto Rosende (as Simon) and Dominic Sherwood (as Jace)

Another night shoot at the cemetery. Looks like they are headed to the City of Bones.

Photo credit: Michael Reisz


August 15 Cassie posted a throwback photo from her first set visit.

harry, kat, cassie, matt
Harry Shum Jr. (as Magnus), Kat, Cassie, and Matt


August 16 WORKOUT TIME! Shadowhunters cast spend the weekend working out in the gym. Thanks to Nuno De Salles we get to see what goes on in the gym.

jon matthew hotge


Thanks for joining us for another weekly roundup! Have a wonderful week and come back next time!

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