Shadowhunters Weekly Roundup: July 27 to August 2!

We have made it to week #10 of filming for Shadowhunters!

Woah! Seriously time is flying by so quickly!

I guess it’s a good thing because the closer we get to 2016 the better since that’s when the show airs.

So let’s get started for this Weekly Roundup!


We hope that the show wins an award for set design. For example, look at all the details they put into those windows!

set design

Well hello there! Nuno De Salles (personal trainer) shared this pic of Dominic Sherwood (as Jace) and Alberto Rosende (as Simon) working hard at the gym. No pain no gain right boys?

alberto and dom

Editing time! McG (Executive Producer/Director) editing the clips from the Pandemonium scene! Look it’s Dominic/Jace!


Another one! McG imitating Harry Shum Jr. (as Magnus). Check out the effects!



Last Tuesday ABC Family held another Twitter Chat and this time it was Emeraude Toubia (as Isabelle) answering the questions. The hashtag #AskEmeraude made it to the Worldwide trends page!


During the Twitter Chat, Emeraude shared some exclusive photos. Here’s one of the photos. Isn’t she gorgeous?


And here’s another photo with Emeraude and Katherine McNamara (as Clary) at a photo shoot. For more info from #AskEmeraude click here.

kat and emeraude

The next Twitter Chat will be on August 4 at 12pm PST/3pm EST with Alberto.


Kat had another photo shoot on her own for StyleCaster. She’s adorable!



Lisa Marcos (as Captain Vargas) just hanging around behind the scenes. Get it? We’re so pun-ny.


The Sophie Effect! The Shadowhunters cast have fallen in love with Kat’s puppy, Sophie!

Cuteness overload! Matthew Daddario (as Alec) with Sophie.

matt and sophie

Sophie wearing Simon’s spectacles.

sophie and simon's glasses

Awwww! Dom and Sophie!

dom and sophie

Sophie and her lovely owner!

kat and sophie

Harry shares a pic of Sophie relaxing in her bed.

harry and sophie


The battle between Jace and Simon continues. Who do you guys did a better job? We think they both did well!

Jade Hassoune and his kitten reading chapter 8 of City of Ashes!



Kat looks stunning in this photo! Sophie too!

kat & sophie

Parabatais at the Jade Wolf set. For more exclusive photos from this set click here.

matt and dom

Y Shireen Razack (Writer) holding one of the seraph blades!

y shireen razack

Magnus photobomb!

kat alberto and harry
Kat, Alberto, and Harry


CLACE! You can totally feel the chemistry!

kat and dom

Jon Cor (as Hodge) looking comfy at the NYC Institute!



Clace looking at the statue with all the Mortal Instruments.


Here’s a sneak peek of the statue.

set angel

Shadowhunters TV shared this throwback picture from #AskDom.


Thanks for joining us for this week’s Weekly Roundup! Come back next week for another!

Have a wonderful week Shadowhunters!

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