Shadowhunters Weekly Roundup: July 13 to 19!

It has been nearly two months of filming for ABC Family’s new show, Shadowhunters! Can you guys believe it?!?

Only 3 months left until they finish filming all 13 episodes for the show. We cannot wait to see the final product especially with the amazing behind the photos the cast and crew share!

So let’s take a look at the photos and videos from last week for Weekly Roundup #8!


Alberto Rosende (as Simon) and his stunt double! Can the world handle two Simons? Yes please!

alberto and stunt double

Cassandra Clare shared this photo from her set visit, it’s the view from Magnus’s loft!

magnus's lair


Shadowhunters TV revealed a first glimpse of the Mortal Instruments on their website!

Dominic Sherwood (as Jace) and Katherine McNamara (as Clary)

The gals! Girl Power!

emeraude and kat
Kat and Emeraude Toubia (as Isabelle)

Last week Shadowhunters TV held their first Twitter chat: #AskDom ! Here’s a pic of Dominic answering questions. The next Twitter chat is tomorrow, July 21 and this time it will be Kat answering the questions, #AskKat.


Did someone turn the heat up? It was probably Jon Cor (as Hodge) with this selfie! No wonder there’s a hashtag out there called #HotHodge.



Magnus photobombing Clace!

Dom and Kat
Dominic, Kat, and Harry Shum Jr. (as Magnus)

The boys!

alberto, matt, dom
Alberto, Matthew (as Alec), and Dominic

Shows off practice makes perfect! Here’s a pic of Kat practising some stunts. Click here to see the video from training!

kat training

Cassandra Clare shared special news on her Tumblr page last week about a new cast member for the show! Nicola Correia Damude has joined the show as Maryse LIghtwood. Check out our edit of Nicola as Maryse with her kids!

the lightwoods


Matthew: “I also shoot arrows.” *swoons*

Wondering what’s happening in this behind the scenes photo? Head over to Shadowhunters TV website to watch the clip!



“The Meeting Spot” where Shadowhunters, Warlocks, Werewolves, faes, and mundanes hangout!

cast selfie
Harry, Dominic, Alberto, Kat, Emeraude, Isaiah Mustafa (as Luke), Jade Hassoune (as Meliorn), and Joel Labelle (as Alaric).

Alan Van Sprang and his son, Logan taking a selfie before filming began!

Alan and logan


Steve Lucescu (stunts director) shared this awesome photos!

Oh you know just another ordinary day, Alberto hanging around!


Dominic practising some stunts with a seraph blade.


Emeraude is perfect as Izzy! Look how fierce she is in this pic!


Oh no! Alec has had enough of Clary!

Kat and matt

During the YALC event Cassie was asked who her favourite cast member was and answered the question saying that she has developed a crush on Alan Van Sprang. Alan replied back saying:



Take me out to the ball game…

The cast went to a Jays game together last weekend and it’s a good thing the Jays won.

jaysgamecast hangout cast hangout2

Thanks for joining us for our Weekly Roundup!

Come back next time!

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