Shadowhunters Weekly Roundup: June 8 to 14!


Can you guys believe it’s already been three weeks since Shadowhunters began filming?

With another week coming to a close, time for the weekly roundup!

This past week has been another busy one for the cast and crew. They wrapped up the first episode, “The Mortal Cup” and now they are working on the second one.


Dominic Sherwood (as Jace) and Kat McNamara (as Clary) filming a scene at what looks to be the infirmary of the NYC Institute. The set looks amazing!

The Lightwoods joining Clace in the infirmary.

Emeraude Toubia (as Isabelle), Dominic, Kat, and Matthew Daddario (as Alec)

Dominic is holding a stele!! Those must be Clary’s sketches.

 Emeraude and Matthew in a candid photo! 

McG (Executive Producer/Director) shared this screenshot of Emeraude during filming. She’s absolutely gorgeous!Maxim Roy (as Jocelyn) and Isaiah Mustafa (as Luke) taking a selfie behind the scenes.

Uh oh! McG (Executive Producer/Director) is making a move on Jocelyn. Where’s Valentine and Luke?

“The family who slays together, stays together.”

McG captioned this photo with, “Finishing up…” Looks like this photo was taken as they wrapped the first episode.


YUM, I mean ummmm… Well hello there Alberto Rosende (as Simon Lewis).

IMG_4468Simon + Izzy = Sizzy making it sizzle!


Isabelle = “She was beautiful, for a human–long hair nearly the precise color of black ink, charcoaled eyes.” Emeraude is the perfect Izzy!


The result of Sizzy making it sizzle! Just kidding! This must be the Ravener scene? Hm… We will just have to wait and find out.

The little details are the best! Check out the tile work in the Institute.

Who is Jace talking to? Looks like one serious conversation…


It was Clary! Another Clace scene!



As they say, “shadowhunters looking better in black.” For sure they do! We are loving the shadowhunter gear!

Kat and Dominic practising some stunts.


Boys will be boys. Simon vs Jace.  

Practice makes perfect! Dominic performing some killer stunts!


Sizzy! They are adorable! Kat posing in front of the van for Simon’s band. Group photo!

Harry Shum Jr (as Magnus), Matthew, Kat, Dominic, Emeraude, and Alberto

Group photo take 2! This time with McG! McG’s caption for this pic will give you the feels! “I Love you sis.” “Love you too.”   We hope Harry gets to showcase some of his moves on the show as Magnus!

Clagnus? Sorry Jace!
Another angle of the Clagnus photo.


Harry, McG, and Jimmy!


It was announced that Kaitlyn Leeb has been casted as Camille Belcourt!

Sofia Wells (as younger Clary) and Kat!

Dominic had a special visitor on the set! Hello Sarah!


Cute behind the scene photos! Dominic, Sarah, Matthew and his girlfriend Esther.




Look closely! Who do you guys think is fliming in this scene?

Awesome manicure! Who do these hands belong to? Dot? Dorothea? Camille?



Check it out it’s Valentine and his children playing Jenga!

Alan Van Sprang (as Valentine), Kat and Dominic



Climon in front of the Institute. Loving Clary’s shadowhunter gear!

It’s Izzy’s whip bracelet! Emeraude is stunning!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s roundup! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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