Casting Talk: We discuss Magnus fan fave, Shannon Kook

Shannon Kook is one of the top contenders that have auditioned for the role of our favorite High Warlock, Magnus Bane. Shannon is a fan favorite to play Bane in the film adaptation of ‘City of Bones’.

It all started when Shannon Kook posted a picture of himself as Magnus Bane and reading City of Bones.

Some of you may know him from playing Zane Park on Degrassi and Xan on Verona: The Movie. SoKook is obviously no stranger to playing a gay role. Shannon is South African and Chinese so he can relate to Magnus.
He has been fighting for the role for a long time. He is definitely one of the fan favorites and has a lot of us on his side. There have been over 100 actors that have auditioned to play Magnus. The race is still going on. Shannon has to be one of the top contenders or he wouldn’t have gotten this far. Shannon has voiced plenty of times that he was still in the race. Kook is so into the role of Magnus that he even added a ‘Magnus album‘ on his facebook page for us to fangirl over.
Shannon has stated more than once that he was still in this thing. The last time that he officially stated it was June 13th when I asked him if he could give us any updates. 
 Yesterday Shannon tweeted a picture of him getting his hair buzzed for a show that he is guest staring in. This got me thinking, is he still in the running? I certainly hope so.
I am not that worried because Shannon can cut his hair and still be in the movie. He can wear a wig. They were going to have to add hair to hair anyway right? It has been done plenty of times before.
I know that I am still rooting for Shannon, are you?

– Satin

One thought on “Casting Talk: We discuss Magnus fan fave, Shannon Kook”

  1. 100 is a lot! hahaha xD i wonder how the casting directors are managing that~ 😛
    personally my fav is Ross Butler 😀 Shannon is my second fav :3
    but i'll be happy with anyone who get's the role xD I'm just super psyched about this book being an actual movie ❤

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